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A Documentary Short

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Based on a true story, 1930-1931 letters were found in a Los Angeles house between a Chinese male immigrant and a Caucasian woman, when it was taboo for them to be in a love relationship. Their letters “come alive” through the voice overs of Chinese male actor, Xiaoxiao Sun, and American female actor, Elea Oberon, who portray the Chinese male immigrant and Caucasian woman “talking” to each other through their letters, revealing their love struggle, their difficulty living together due to anti-miscegenation laws, and his fight against anti-Chinese racism.


DirectorPatricia Bury Salier
WriterPatricia Bury Salier
ProducerEdward Salier
ActorsElea Oberon
Xiaoxiao Sun
Runtime1:35 (trailer)

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  • Currently traveling the Film Festival circuit