A Documentary Short

SoHo New York was rundown when I, Edward Salier, moved there in the early 1970’s.  But one day, in a grungy old building at 459 Broadway…the Devlin Building…I discovered a remnant of SoHo New York’s industrial past. Sol Poler and Hymie Ehrlich were spinning metal on century-old machines. I didn’t realize there was something hidden underneath the dirt and grime of SoHo New York buildings from the 1800’s.  I soon discovered Soho New York’s forgotten history.


DirectorsPatricia Bury Salier
Edward Salier
WriterPatricia Bury Salier
ProducerEdward Salier
InterviewsClodagh, Architect/Designer
Joseph Pell Lombardi, Architect

Film Festivals

  • ARCH Film Lund, Sweden
  • Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival
  • Docs Without Borders, Excellence Award
  • Miami Short Film Festival, Award Finalist
  • Newburyport Documentary Film Festival
  • NewFilmmakers NY
  • Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
  • Syracuse International Film Festival