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Four unique watercolors painted in 1945 by an unknown artist (Eva Salier, née Hellendag), depicting the freed concentration camp survivors arriving in Malmö, Sweden, are suddenly discovered by the Archivist at the City Archives of Malmö and the Curator at the Malmö Museum.  As they search for the concentration camp survivor who painted these rare watercolors, we are transported back to 1942 where Eva Salier, née Hellendag, a young Dutch Jewish artist, struggles to stay alive by learning to make radio tubes for German bombers as part of the Philips Kommando.  Eva Salier, née Hellendag, clings to her sense of humor to feel human again, if just for a moment, until she is liberated in 1945 and arrives with the freed concentration camp survivors in Malmö, Sweden…where, in present time, the four rare watercolors are discovered.


DirectorPatricia Bury Salier
WriterPatricia Bury Salier
ProducerEdward Salier
InterviewsBirgitta Bommarco, PhD
Annette Sarnäs, Archivist
Samuel Thelin, Curator

Film Festivals

  • Montecatini International Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Ojai Film Festival, Southern California
  • Film is continuing to travel the festival circuit